Oct 25th – Project updates (Analyzing Age Distribution)

In this project, we focused on understanding the age distribution in fatal police shootings in the United States using a dataset of 8,002 incidents. Our goal was to identify the most common age groups involved in these tragic events.

Age Distribution Analysis
With the data ready, we analyzed the age distribution of individuals killed by police using a histogram, visually representing incident frequency across different age groups.

Key Findings and Observations
The visualization revealed:

– A right-skewed distribution, indicating a higher frequency of incidents involving younger individuals.
– The most affected age groups were those in their 20s and 30s, raising significant concern.

Conclusion and Reflection

This analysis provided valuable insights into age-related aspects of police shootings, emphasizing the vulnerability of younger demographics. This information guides further research, policy discussions, and interventions to understand and address contributing factors. The project demonstrates the power of data in illuminating societal issues, supporting informed decision-making for positive change.


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